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Reflections on the Miracle of Repeal in Connecticut

Submitted by MVFR on Tue, 11/13/2012 - 15:51

Kristin Foehlich Labor Day 2005

Miracles are real! I know the recent repeal of the death penalty law in Connecticut was a miracle. Not a miracle in the sense of rare, but in the sense of energies coming together to create something marvelous and full of life, like a birth.

Participating as one of the 180 family members who spoke out against the death penalty in Connecticut was incredibly healing to me. Knowing that I was part of changing a law to make the world saner and to reduce violence - what could be more healing than that?

The murder of my brother and his friends in 1995 left me feeling very powerless: depressed, isolated, and weak. At the time, the world seemed full of evil that was stronger than me.

Early on in my healing journey, I made a decision to focus on two themes: life over death and good over evil. Those themes lead me to join the movement to abolish the death penalty. At an MVFR conference in 2001, I saw miracles. People who ordinarily would be adversaries came together in grief, in healing, and in hope. I started sharing my story in Delaware, and when the Connecticut campaign moved into high gear several years ago, I offered to help.

I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with so many dedicated, compassionate, brave people. The fact that my sister Cathy joined me in the Connecticut campaign fills my heart. The powerlessness I felt was transformed into hope, connection, and strength.

The work continues. I live in Delaware now, and we have a way to go before we abolish the death penalty. However, the movement is growing and I know we will soon be part of a chain of miracles stretching across the country and beyond.

By: Kristin Froehlich – MVFR Member since 2006