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MVFR Response to New Death Penalty Bill in North Carolina.

Submitted by MVFR on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 11:48

Yesterday, the North Carolina Senate filed SB 306, a bill to repeal what’s left of the Racial Justice Act and restart executions in the state.  Below is the statement MVFR released to the press in response to the bill. In the coming days we will keep you informed on developments, our activities connected to raising our members’ voices in opposition to this law, and how you can get involved.

Instead of putting more precious resources into capital punishment, MVFR urges North Carolina legislators to better fund victims’ services, increase access to compensation, and provide law enforcement with the tools they need to prevent and solve crime.

Too much time, talent and treasure goes into the very few cases that ever result in a death sentence.Meanwhile, thousands of murder victims’ families go without the assistance they need. North Carolina would do better to direct more resources to help law enforcement solve unsolved murders and bring more offenders to justice.

Victims’ families are better served by allocating funds to provide counseling, financial assistance to help with burial costs and work time lost due to the murder. They also need independent advocates who work for them and keep them informed throughout investigations and judicial proceedings.

Capital punishment distracts attention from the needs of families and communities harmed by violence while diverting resources from services and supports that prevent violence and that help families begin to heal. North Carolina can do far better to serve victims’ families than restarting executions.