Today our work includes providing a wider variety of supports for family members of murder victims who opposed the death penalty and advocating for their needs as victims/survivors of homicide:

  • Identifying murder victim family members who oppose the death penalty – many of whom feel alone in their opposition to capital punishment.
  • Connecting family members with similar experiences and points of view who can support each other as friends as well as fellow advocates.
  • Supporting members in sharing their stories – speaking to community groups and organizations, lifting their voices in the media and to lawmakers and policymakers.
  • Educating the public, elected officials and media professionals about how capital punishment misses the mark and causes more harm.
  • Helping communities to better understand how to respond to the needs of individuals, families and communities harmed by violence.
  • Forming alliances with other victims groups – regardless of their views on capital punishment – to advocate together for services, supports and policies that heal the damage caused by violence and create safer communities.