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All Members of Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation (MVFR) are people who have had loved ones taken by homicide. Our Members lead our work and ground our work.

A large majority of our Members had loved ones taken by murder – in their homes, workplaces or otherwise going about the routines of their lives. They know firsthand the unique pain and grief that follows the murder of a family member. They know firsthand what individuals, families and communities need in the aftermath of murder. They know firsthand what it means to long for justice.

We support our Members in lifting their stories and voices – stories and voices that illustrate the most relevant needs of victims’ families and how capital punishment misses the mark and even causes additional harm.

Our Members also include persons whose loved ones’ lives were ended by the legal homicide of capital punishment. We welcome these Members because we recognize that they, too, have lost a loved one to violence. While their trauma and grief differ in important ways from that of our other Members, these families of persons executed remind us of the need to minimize or avoid doing additional harm when we address the harms caused by murder. While they make up a smaller and less-visible part of our Membership, we believe that their stories and voices also need to be heard.

Our Members work together with our Staff, Board and Supporters to advocate for replacing the death penalty with responses to murder that help heal the damage caused by violence and build safer communities as we seek justice for victims.


Our Supporters are persons who join our efforts through giving time, talent and treasure but who are not family members of persons taken by homicide. Our Supporters’ active participation in our work helps us elevate and amplify the voices of murder victim family members who oppose the death penalty.