A long path to justice: After a lengthy legal battle, one man regains his freedom

"An adept jailhouse lawyer, he compiled a 20-page legal brief setting out his case’s facts, discrepancies and contradictions, supplementing it with 80 pages of exhibits.

Jim mailed it with sufficient postage but diminishing hope. The Innocence Project received it at its Manhattan offices on April 18, 2002.

Jim, now 64, couldn’t have known it at the time but he had set in motion a series of actions that would provide the key to his freedom in August after 34 years of imprisonment."

Read the full article here:http://www.post-gazette.com/local/region/2015/12/20/After-a-lengthy-legal-battle-Jim-Fogle-regains-his-freedom-murder-exoneration/stories/201512140180

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