"Death Penalty Punishes Survivors Like Me"; Column

An incredibly powerful piece in USA Today from Tanya Coke, sister of Sandra Coke, a mitigation specialist who was murdered a few years ago in California. Link to the piece after the flip. 

Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/08/28/dylann-roof-death-penalty-church-shooting-survivors-justice-column/88796044/

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    Weather you or for or against capital punishment the US Constitution says it is justified in particularly henious cases. Linda Carty is one such case. Reprieve claims Linda Carty received poor representation. She did not. The defense could only do so much with the amount of overwhelming evidence presented at the trial. There was no conspiracy to “frame” Linda Carty. She did commit this crime. Linda murdered a woman for her baby because Linda’s boyfriend didn’t have kids and wanted them. He grew tired if her manipulating lies about being pregnant and miscarriage so he left her. The only way to get him back was with a baby. She sought out her pregnant neighbor, convinced some shady drug dealers as Linda was a drug dealer her self to help kidnap the woman and cut the baby out to have as her own in order to get het boyfriend back. Linda Carty smothered this young mother with a garbage bag over hrt head and left her in a trunk of a car. She got caught, tried and convicted of capital murder and now awaits her just fate. There is ZERO doubt she did this. Reprieve wants to put on a smoke and mirrors sob story that’s all lies. Linda Carty is guilty of murder. She is a master manipulator and killer. Make no mistake, this is one lethal injection that is well deserved.
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