MVFR founder Marie Deans Memoir To Be Released


"In my years of friendship with Marie Deans, going back decades, I must have said too, too often, "Time has come to write your memoirs." She promised it would be on her to-do list one day, but first she had to speed off to get here, get there and on down life's highways that might not have guardrails to save her from the mean turns and twists. It didn't matter. She had no taste for risk-free living, least of all when, as a death penalty abolitionist, she was battling for people she cared about: the dozens of condemned prisoners awaiting execution in dispiteous Southern cellblocks." 

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Remembering Scharlette Holdman


"After more than four decades defending some of the most notorious—and some of the most faceless—killers in America, Holdman died July 12 at the age of 70, a fighter to the end." More after the flip.

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Alabama Executes Tommy Arthur After Multiple Delays



"Alabama executed death row inmate Tommy Arthur early Friday after a lengthy court battle that included multiple lethal injection delays. Arthur, 75, was convicted in the 1982 murder-for-hire of romantic rival Troy Wicker.The inmate, who was nicknamed the "Houdini" of death row because he'd had seven prior execution dates postponed, died by lethal injection at the Holman Correctional Facility at Atmore." Link after the flip

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